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    The ultimate astrology package! Two books in one!

    Have you ever wondered if you could find a way to better understand a person, their desires, or the compatibility that you two share? People are naturally different, but groups of people can be similarly linked and share like-minded thoughts or ideals. Astrology is the studying and understanding of these things and it can help you better learn what type of people you are dealing with in your day-to-day life, whether it be at work, at home, or in a relationship.

    These books will take you through the basics and the more advanced concepts based around the 12 Zodiac symbols and their significance in each person's being so you can better communicate with and know them. These two books are everything you're looking for, whether you are deeply invested in the field of astrology or merely seeking to sate your curiosity in a fun yet rich way.

    In these books you will find:

    • An in-depth look at each of the 12 Zodiac symbols, and their significance in your life
    • A detailed guide seeking to better your ability to interact, understand and appreciate the world and its people around you
    • A comparison and look at the complex dynamics between each of the 12 symbols and their relationships with each other
    • Learn how to interact with positive astrological sign combinations for maximum enrichment and productivity between them and how to handle ones that are in natural conflict
    • Gain insight into whether you have found a lifelong partner or just a short-term fling
    • Understand the signs that highlight your strengths and minimize your weaknesses and how to bring them to you.

    ©2017 Ryan Zeman (P)2017 Ryan Zeman

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