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    Deadly creatures, hostile climate, and that is just the scenery. 

    For many years, mysterious things have happened on the ice world of Tamer, but when a scientist goes missing from Barresh thought to be on Tamer, Cory is forced to take the issue by the horns. 

    Problem is, he is dealing with unexpected side effects of his fertility treatment, and, like his Coldi companions, he's lost much of his night vision and has trouble tolerating low temperatures. 

    Trouble is, a recent addition to his team has sent shockwaves through his group of loyal companions, and things are still sorting themselves out. 

    Not his healthy self, under-resourced, frozen, and half-blind - that's not the best preparation to visit a world where humans are not at the top of the food chain, let alone dealing with enemies who will go to any lengths to hide their activities.

    ©2020 Patty Jansen (P)2018 Patty Jansen

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