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    Toby the dog can smell death.  

    When someone assaults his elderly neighbor and leaves her for dead, Spellbound Hound Toby is devastated. 

    For one thing, he’s worried who’ll keep him in cheesy dog treats now, but more than that, all indications are that Miranda Dervish - also known as The Pointy Woman - is behind this latest atrocity. 

    The woman who murdered Old Joe and hexed Toby is back! 

    Together with his human, the journalist Clarissa Page, Toby sets out to investigate Miranda. 

    What is it she wanted from the neighbor? 

    Scarily, as they begin to uncover Miranda’s mysterious past, her evil behavior begins to escalate, and Clarissa finds her own existence under attack. 

    In a race against time, Toby and Clarissa have the odds stacked against them, but assistance comes from some rather eccentric allies in the form of the Blackdown Hills Squirrel Community, and a witch...who lives in a hedge. 

    A Curse, a Coven and a Canine is book two of this brand-new paranormal cozy dog mystery series from the best-selling author of the beloved Wonky Inn books. Audiences are loving these fantastic feel-good, warmhearted, and humorous stories about a hexed dog and his witchy best friend. 

    The first three of the Spellbound Hound Magic and Mystery series are best heard in order. 

    ©2020 Jeannie Wycherley (P)2020 Jeannie Wycherley

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