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    Whittlecombe. A charming and peaceful village in the south west part of England. All thatched cottages and winding country lanes, triangle sandwiches, cream teas, and picture postcard perfection.

    But people are dropping like flies. It’s just the flu, right? Could be. Except, wonkiest witch Alfhild Daemonne is about to host the vampire wedding of the century at Whittle Inn. 


    Perhaps, Alf’s fangtastic guests are to blame? Or could bitter arch rivals "the Mori" be making a move on Alf and her wonky inn once more? 

    Is feisty Alf fighting back?

    You bet she is!

    There’s chaos and catastrophe and plenty of weirdness in this latest installment of the Wonky Inn series. 

    Listen to it now.

    ©2018 Jeannie Wycherley (P)2019 Jeannie Wycherley

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