Elaine L. Orr

Elaine L. Orr

Elaine L. Orr writes fiction and nonfiction. Fiction varies from mysteries to coming-of-age stories to plays. She introduced the Jolie Gentil cozy mystery series in 2011. Real estate appraiser Jolie finds trouble all over her Jersey shore town. The eight books and prequel have become Elaine's most read books. Other books include "Secrets of the Gap," which features ancient and modern mysteries in Bath, England, home of the astonishing Roman Baths that have been excavated since the late 1870s. "Biding Time" is the story of young Frank Myers, nephew of his namesake who was MIA in Vietnam. Geared to a young adult audience, "Biding Time" has appeal for all ages. It was one of five finalists in the National Press Club's 1993 fiction contest, the club's first Nonfiction includes humorous essays, material on caring for aging parents, and carefully researched family history books. Elaine grew up in Maryland and moved to the Midwest in 1994. To learn more, visit Elaine's web site at www.elaineorr.com. Her blog features pieces on reading, writing, and publishing, and can be found at www.elaineorr.blogspot.com

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