The Psychic Soldier Series

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Himalayan Journey Inhaltsangabe

Welcome to this new series about Tristin Morgan the Psychic Soldier and his exciting adventures growing up in the 19th century. He learns to fight as a soldier and acquires real psychic abilities to help him in his fights.

These abilities are real, and the author has written extensively about spiritual and psychic development, since he is a worldwide authority on these subjects. (See his nonfiction books such as God Like Powers & Abilities to learn more.)

In book one, Himalayan Journey, Tristin is spending a couple of years at the School of the Gods in the Himalayas. During a break between terms, Tristin decides to track down an enlightened Master who is over 400 years old.

During this trip, he has several exciting adventures and learns amazing things from Master Bapaphil. In future books, we learn Tristin's history as he fights in wars throughout history and eventually protects the Earth from alien invasion.

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