The Mysterious sPhone

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The Mysterious sPhone: Volume 1 Inhaltsangabe

Ace Reed is a 13 year old young man that has been labeled the "ultimate outcast" by his peers, his newest and only friend is the school janitor named Pete, he's always been overlooked and completely ignored, not to mention the constant torment he receives on a weekly basis by the school bully Trent Davis. Living in a world where all of his classmates are tweeting, texting, or posting their latest pictures to numerous social media accounts, Ace is yet to cross that threshold since he has been gifted his dad's very old side scroll BlackBerry "smartphone". Can things get any worse? Ace thinks to himself while sitting on his porch, and for 13 years it seemed that way, that is until "The Golden Truck" passed through Ace's neighborhood and mistakenly dropped a yellow and black box from its tailgate. After Ace picks up the box labeled "BeeHive sPhone" he soon takes it upstairs to his room believing this new phone will bring him the recognition and popularity he's been looking for, but after activating it he realizes the phone isn't at all your typical smartphone. In fact, it isn't a phone at all, and Ace's life will soon be changed forever due to the power of The Mysterious sPhone.

©2015 Roosevelt H. Brown (P)2015 Stephan A. Kohnke
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