The Mirror Gate Chronicles

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The Quest, A Mirror Gate Chronicle, Book 1 (The Mirror Gate Chronicles) Inhaltsangabe

Nogar the golden dragon rescues Shaméd after his family is murdered by an evil, black dragon. He takes him home to his own planet, where Shaméd encounters trolls, elves, dragons, and other beings all living in peace. He begins a training ritual, and after many years he advances to be the best swordsman on that world and masters the first 10 levels of magic. 

Shaméd travels to another planet in his role as one of the Thirty-Six, via a portal called the Mirror Gate, searching for lost knowledge and looking for what Nogar calls the “ONE”. As Shaméd acquires new friends, he embarks on his mission to find the information he is after. He encounters an evil that is attacking the people.He decides to change the rules he was trained to obey and he embarks on a new mission - one to save the people of this world and to help these people in their fight with the evil force that is secretly trying to take control of them and make them slaves.

©2006; 2018 Timothy J. Boyer & Elizabeth Ajamie-Boyer (P)2018 Timothy J. Boyer & Elizabeth Ajamie-Boyer
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