Spice Up Your Sex Life (For Him & Her)

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Sex Guide for Men: Orgasm Manual Inhaltsangabe

If you can give her multiple screaming orgasms.

Sometimes girls joke with each other about how bad guys are in bed, and the reason is simple: Men don't fully understand how to satisfy a woman. If you learn how to satisfy your girlfriend, wife, or hook-up sexually, well, all she will be thinking about is you.

How would it feel to be super confident in your abilities to take your women on a sexual ride from sensual massage to full-blown squirting orgasms?

In this book, you'll learn:

  • The important history of female sexuality
  • How to improve romance today
  • Why foreplay is so important
  • Understanding women sexuality
  • And much much more....

Are you ready to take her on a ride? 

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