Seasons Quartet

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Winter's Knight Inhaltsangabe

A magical love story is waiting for you....

In an enchanted land of lady knights and deep magic, there lives a woman who does not want to be queen. Her name is Winter, and her quiet life is upended when her sister abdicates the throne. The throne cannot remain empty. Winter must be queen. But Winter would give anything not to be.

Since Winter’s sister fled in a hurry, she left her guardian knight behind. Her name is Alia, and her life is about to be upended, too, because when she and Winter meet for the first time, sparks fly and catch fire, and Winter’s heart begins to melt.

A royal assassination might be on the horizon, though Winter never wanted the throne in the first place. And now, she’s falling in love with her sister’s protector. In a magical, snowy land full of strong women, anything is possible. Including true love.

Bridget Essex’s beloved Knight Legends series gets a new chapter in this, the first romance of the Seasons Quartet.

©2020, 2021 Bridget Essex and Rose and Star Press (P)2021 Maria Marquis and Bridget Essex
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