Rift: Blood War

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Last Stand of the Legion: Rift Inhaltsangabe

The Confederation of Independent Systems fleet anchorage on Rift was unprepared for the sudden and devastating attack by the Xotoli. Until the attack the Xotoli, the only other known spacefaring race, had rebuffed all attempts at contact of any kind. Now in a Pearl Harbor style attack the Xotoli intend to destroy the Confederation's Pleiades Fleet and occupy Rift.

All that stand in their way are the men and women of the Confederation's peacetime Navy and Legion. Men like Colonel Dasan Daniel Sand who has dedicated his career to preparing for this very attack. Fleet Admiral Usiche Raurk who must find a way to defeat the Xotoli with only the forces she has left after their overwhelming attack. Private Ja Hu who is just months out of training and now must face the most desperate battle humans have ever fought. Destroyer Captain Ririsa Grogen and her crew as they desperately try to fight back and save their ship.

This is the story of the men and women on the Swift Boats, destroyers and battleships; the Legion pilots; the Anjin assassin from Rift; the Legionnaires of the newly formed Armored Infantry; the Von Fleet Corporation's executives; and so many more who must find a way to hold Rift against overwhelming odds.

©2014 Roger Huder (P)2014 Roger Huder
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