Melkor & Purity

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Melkor & Purity: Book One Inhaltsangabe

Ever sent a letter to the wrong person by mistake? I did, when I was eight years old, and then I was visited by the Lord of Hell himself. But there was no real mistake. Not then when I was just a kid, and not now that I’m a woman. 

I wanted a puppy for Christmas. And a puppy is what I got. Only, Melkor, son of the Lord of Hell’s finest hellhound warrior, was given to me not as a gift, but as a guardian. And when Melkor goes missing, I’m given the only option a best friend has. 

I fight fire with fire and become a woman possessed - a mortal woman, that is. He’s been my best friend and my guardian for almost my entire life. But now, as I travel to the underworld to save him, I realize he’s so much more. 

Melkor says after me, "Hell is easy!" 

I guess I’m about to find out.

©2019 Kim Faulks (P)2019 Brandon
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