Dare Menage Series

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Double Dare Inhaltsangabe

What could be better than waking up next to a hot guy? Waking up sandwiched between two of them! 

Quinn Preston, a financial analyst, is not happy when her friends dare her to pick up a handsome stranger at a wedding reception. What better reason to give up men could she have when her previous long-term relationship had not only been lackluster in the bedroom, but he had also cheated? 

Logan Reed, a successful business owner, can't believe he's attracted to the woman in the ugly Pepto-Bismol pink bridesmaid dress. And to boot, she's more than tipsy. After turning down her invitation for a one-night stand, he finds her in the parking lot too impaired to drive. He rescues her and takes her home. His home. 

The next morning, Quinn's conservative life turns on its ear when Logan introduces her to pleasures she never before even considered. To make things more complicated, Logan already has a lover. 

Tyson White, ex-pro-football player, is completely in love with Logan. He has mixed emotions when Logan brings home Quinn. But the dares keep coming.... 

Note: This audiobook in the series can be listened to as stand-alone. It includes an HEA ending. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes MMF scenes between all three characters.  

©2010 Jeanne St. James (P)2018 Jeanne St. James
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