Caesar's Creek Mysteries

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A Frozen Scoop of Murder: A Cozy Mystery Inhaltsangabe

Tara got more than what she bargained for when she opened up The Frozen Scoop Ice Cream Shoppe in the small town of Caesar's Creek, Georgia. Newly divorced and disgusted with corporate life, she feels a small town atmosphere is a welcoming change to her prior chaotic life. That is, until the town is rocked by murder and mayhem.

Now, it's time for Tara to put her amateur sleuth skills to work, along with her friends and co-workers Stormi and Paige. But what happens when a new man in Tara's life might become a suspect in the murder case? Find out in this new Cozy Mystery series.

This is a short cozy mystery filled with humor, suspects, and scrumptious visions of ice cream delicacies.

©2015 Constance Barker (P)2015 Constance Barker
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