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    What does clinical hypnosis that cured a 12-year old's bed wetting and the wisdom of a Persian Holy Man's book have to do with major league pitching? A phenomenal rookie pitcher and an over-the-hill bullpen catcher invent "weasel ball", which employs the power of suggestion rather than common trash talk to affect opposing hitters. The pitcher, a used bookstore junkie and student of ancient wisdom, carries a mysterious book in his hip pocket. The result is "wisdom ball", which influences players, fans, and umpires alike. You've never hear anything like it...anywhere!

    The Manhattan Monarchs, whose owner was integrity challenged, were the worst team in baseball, at preseason odds of 100-1 to win the World Series. An anonymous gambler, on behalf of 10 disabled veterans, placed a wager of $100,000 in April on the Monarchs. To win! In the ninth inning of the seventh game of the World Series, the "Miracle Monarchs" were one pitch away from winning or losing The Wager.

    A single umpire's call would make the difference between a 10-million dollar payoff for the veterans (and owner) versus jail cell for the owner ($0 for veterans). Win-win or lose-lose. What happened in the ninth inning depends upon whose story you heard and whose story you believe. The pitcher, the catcher, the hitter, the owner, the umpire, a sportswriter, a disabled veteran, a gambler, even the proprietor of the bookstore around the corner all have a story to tell. Each will tell you what he saw and heard. There is mystery, humor, surprise, baseball insight, drama, and unparalleled you-are-there suspense as each storyteller tells you what really happened.

    ©2017 Edward Frierson (P)2017 Edward Frierson

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