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    Yahooty Who? characters teach children to think about and investigate the world around them. From the way he borrows one of your socks to the creative sock puppets he leaves behind for children, Yahooty finds his way into the hearts of all who hear his story.

    Yahooty Who? is for all ages. Yahooty's story brings a smile to the face of everyone who hears it. Whether you are a child who is hearing the story for the first time, or a parent, grandparent, or teacher listening to it over and over again with your little ones, Yahooty takes us all to our happy place of imagination and childhood fantasy.

    Yahooty Who? teaches kids to be selfless and helpful. As you hear the story of Yahooty, children come to learn that Yahooty does all that he does as a selfless act to bring happiness to the world. A great lead into the valuable lesson of helpfulness, acceptance, and understanding. Search for Yahooty each and everyday, and re-discover what playtime is all about!

    ©2017 JMF Books, LLC (P)2018 JMF Books, LLC

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