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    Parents who are working and raising kids know that it isn't easy. In fact, it's often downright difficult. That's why we admire them.

    This collection of short stories helps parents understand that they can be committed to their kids and their careers and that the effort is often rewarding and meaningful. It matters.

    Along with practical tips and tricks that have been refined over time, Working Parent Stories deliver encouragement, inspiration, and humor as they reveal insights that show how our careers can help our children even when it's not obvious in the moment.

    The stories provide comfort and prove we're not alone in our struggles, and they provide a glimpse into the moments that cause other working parents to laugh (and cry) when they find themselves in similar situations.

    As working parents strive and thrive, they refine their strategies for raising capable children, creating happy homes, and delivering strong value via their careers. These stories enable listeners to gather new ideas, compare their strategies, stretch their minds, and refine their futures.

    Employers will appreciate the candid first-person accounts as employees reveal the challenges they face and strategies they use to build their careers, deliver strong value to their organizations, and lead others.

    ©2018 Kathy Calder Haselmaier (P)2019 Kathy Calder Haselmaier

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