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    From renowned parent expert Caroline Maguire, Why Will No One Play with Me? is a groundbreaking program that has helped thousands of children struggling with social skills to make friends, find acceptance, and have a happy childhood.

    Every parent wants their child to be okay - to have friends, to be successful, to feel comfortable in his or her own skin. But many children lack important social and executive functioning skills that allow them to navigate through the world with ease.

    In-demand parenting expert and former Hallowell Center coach Caroline Maguire has worked with thousands of families dealing with chronic social dilemmas, ranging from shyness to aggression to ADHD, and more. In this groundbreaking book, she shares her decade-in-the-making protocol - The Play Better Plan - to help parents coach children to connect with others and make friends. Children of all ages - truly, from Kindergarten to college age - will gain the confidence to make friends and get along with others, using tools such as:

    Social Sleuthing: learn to pay attention to social cues

    Post-Play Date Huddles: help kids figure out what to look for in a friendship

    Reflective Listening: improve your child's relationship with their peers

    With compassion and ease, this program gives parents a tangible, easy-to-follow guide for helping kids develop the executive function and social skills they need to thrive.

    PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

    ©2019 Caroline Maguire and Teresa Barker (P)2019 Hachette Audio


    "This thoughtful, compassionate primer to helping children overcome social challenges from Maguire, a coach for children with ADHD and their families, puts a full roster of tools, along with some encouragement, into the hands of parents...breaks down an issue that can seem overwhelming into practical, bite-size chunks...comprehensive and usable." (Publishers Weekly)

    "Over the past two decades, I have seen thousands of children in my practice with impaired social skills that have had significant negative effects on their lives, and ability to function in the world. In addition to the biomedical treatments I provide, social skills training is an essential part of their treatment programs. This book offers parents a practical approach to children's social isolation and awkwardness that could help so many of them lead more functional, harmonious, and fulfilling lives." (Kenneth Bock, author of Healing the New Childhood Epidemics Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies)

    "This book provides tested and proven tools for consciously creating effective playdates for children with ADD/ADHD or other social skills deficits who struggle socially and don't know how to integrate their special, unique gifts more effectively so that they don't get buried and lost, damaging their self-esteem. This exceptional, life-changing book is a foundational piece essential for parents, enabling them to support their children by helping them improve and maintain important relationships with their friends and feeling good about themselves!!!" (David Giwerc, Master Certified ADHD Coach, MCAC, MCC, BCC, Founder/President, ADD Coach Academy)

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