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    When Zoe's fiance Chase O'Connell is lost in combat she is devastated beyond her comprehension. Sensing the coming danger, Chase's last words were to his brother and fellow soldier Reed, instructing him to take care of Zoe. When Reed comes home he finds Zoe distraught to the point of self harm and vows to honor his brother's request to care for her. As time passes, Zoe heart heals and she sees the echoes of her lost fiance in his brother Reed. As she begins to develop feelings for him as well, she is terrified of tarnishing the memory of her first love. Just as she is willing to accept her loss and is preparing to move on with Reed she is shocked to the core by a surprise visitor. Standing on her doorstep was Chase, alive despite all odds and wanting nothing more than to be with her again. Zoe now faces the most heartbreaking decision of her life. No matter what she chooses one life will be destroyed, and if she she is not very careful, all three...

    ©2017 Amie Heights (P)2017 Amie Heights

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