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"The Vicar of Wakefield" (1766) lives an idyllic life in a country parish with his wife Deborah, son George, daughters Olivia and Sophia, and three other children. He is wealthy due to investing an inheritance he received from a deceased relative, and he donates the £34 that his job pays annually to local orphans and war veterans. On the evening of George’s wedding to wealthy Arabella, the Vicar loses all his money through the bankruptcy of his merchant investor who has left town abruptly. Arabella’s father, who is known for his prudence with money, calls off the wedding. George, who was educated at Oxford and is old enough to be considered an adult, is sent away to town. The rest of the family moves to a new and more humble parish on the land of Squire Thornhill, a womanizer. On the way, they hear about the dubious reputation of their new landlord. The squire’s uncle is Sir William Thornhill, who is known throughout the country for his worthiness and generosity...

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