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    Within the locket hanging near her heart is the secret that's broken it. 

    A life of peace and seclusion as the unknown Miss Denison. It's what Grace longed for even before her father banished her from Washington, DC. 

    She just may have found it in Lordsburg, New Mexico - the small railroad town where people hide until the world stops looking. A place to send black sheep, skeletons in the closet, rebellious sons...and wayward daughters whose secrets could ruin a father's precious political career. 

    Yet Grace's cherished anonymity is soon lost when she gets caught in the middle of a huge ruckus. And her life is anything but peaceful thanks to an ornery pet at her boarding house, a precocious young Mexican boy, and a cowboy who makes her want to run to him and from him at the same time. 

    When he learns the secret within her locket, will he break her heart, too?

    ©2020 Books in Motion (P)2020 Books in Motion

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