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    When the ocean calls, she is relentless; she lurks beneath the surface, waiting. She can take over your mind and drown you. That was the warning from the village, but surely it was just a myth, right?

    Marty has a dilemma: The girl he thought was drowning has connected to him. It is not the usual attraction either. The girl seems to be able to read his thoughts and penetrate his mind. What's more, her eyelids move from the side.

    Marty's housemates are concerned, but they have made their own discovery: Gardenstown, where they are staying, conceals a dark secret known as the resonance. The local myths refer to the ocean callings, but what is the resonance, and what does she do? Why is death involved, and is there a link?

    ©2012 Ruby Allure (P)2016 Ruby Allure

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