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Gifted empath and security expert Landon Love has spent a lifetime trying to keep everyone at arm's length, never wanting to know what people personally think about him. His gift of sensing emotions isn't one he'd wish on anyone...ever.


A chance encounter, a quick fling, and Alexis Love's life is forever changed.

Beautician Alexis Love has been called many things by her family. Mother Nature on crack is the most accurate, thanks to her unusual DNA. The weather and the vibrations of the earth are her playground. Blatant glances from the sexy fireman during her daily jogs turn the heat between them into a living, breathing inferno. When Cole catches her skinny-dipping in the hot springs, it's the perfect way to break the ice. A quick fling with the sexy man may be just the thing to raise their heat to all new levels.


Lucy Abbott has experienced enough death to last a lifetime. When she marries a man who helps her through a tough time, she thinks their marriage is forever. When she overhears his plan to kill her on their honeymoon, she does what any sane person would do. She changes her identity and runs for her life. On the run and out of money, Lucy gets a job and hides out in the last place her husband would ever look, Love Island.


True crime novelist Scarlett Denton has met her fair share of seedy criminals locked away behind bars. When the elusive crime boss Salvatore summons her to write his story, she thinks this might finally be her big break. When he drops the bombshell at their interview that his isn't the story she's going to write, he offers her another story that is even more enticing.

©2016 Kate Allenton (P)2016 Kate Allenton

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