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    Blake is ecstatic when she is able to purchase her dream house and make a new start for herself. With a new job, a new city, and a majestic old house, Blake feels she is finally living the life she had always dreamed of. But while Harper House looks angelic from the outside, evil resides inside.

    When Blake notices ice cold areas in the house, hears unexplained noises that are not of this world, sees gruesome visions, feels a presence in her bed, and finds items disappearing and reappearing, she believes it's stress from her move that is causing her to imagine things.

    But after one horrific encounter, Blake tries to seek answers before it's too late. Should she run away for good from her beloved Harper House, or stay where she feels she belongs, even though she risks becoming a victim of the house?

    ©2018 Carrie Bates (P)2018 Carrie Bates

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