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The Gift of Success and Happiness

Transforming Your Life Through Business Processing Principles
Sprecher: Rowell Gormon
Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 35 Min.

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Beschreibung von Audible

Chip Sawicki and Vernon Roberts break down The Gift of Success and Happiness into three parts: identifying and reducing stress, defining and prioritizing development in the core areas of life (such as relationships, home, and career), and adding depth to life with achievement and community involvement. The fulcrum is building a structure that fosters planning, self-mastery and recognizing the interconnectedness of goals.

Rowell Gormon conveys the authors' advice with a tone of wise self-assurance. A ready reference for anyone seeking to eliminate distraction and improve their time management, manage anxiety, balance ambitions to maximize the productivity of decisions.


The Gift of Success and Happiness offers a set of simple systems - based on the world’s most reliable business principles - that empowers listeners to meet and overcome challenges posed by money, work, relationships, and other factors, most of which impede our success and impinge on our happiness. Based on two decades of lessons Chip Sawicki has learned as a senior executive, parent, and community leader, this book’s structured approach will help listeners maximize the opportunity for success and happiness in all aspects of life. Just as good companies have efficient processes and best practices, so do successful people. They just don’t necessarily realize it - until now.

Sawicki defines the process that leads to personal satisfaction and identifies the three main stresses in life: time, financial, and social. Once these are understood, Sawicki provides advice, anecdotes, and easy-to-use worksheets that will force good decisions based on quantifiable data. By understanding how the matrix of life works, listeners will be meeting their goals faster than their peers, and will begin to understand what success and happiness truly are.

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