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    One cursed queen. Three dragons. And a formidable fae demigod. A reverse harem with a dark fairy tale twist and an epic flair! My name is Daisy. I've been cursed to serve a bad-tempered elemental in my beastly form for centuries. 

    There's only one way to lift the curse: a kiss from three true loves. To garner even one is nearly impossible. How am I going to get three? 

    Then three gorgeous-as-sin, yet clueless dragon princes stumble into my lair. Only they do not come to kiss me. They come to slay me without knowing who I really am. Unless they cut the three heads of the Furies - my heads - or make the Fury Queen fall in love with them, they'll never shift back to dragons. 

    Not surprisingly, the princes all choose what they think is the easiest - to behead the beasts.

    ©2018 Meg Xuemei X (P)2019 Meg Xuemei X

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