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The Fall of Neverdark

The Echoes Saga, Book 4
Sprecher: Steven Brand
Serie: The Echoes Saga, Titel 4
Spieldauer: 21 Std. und 37 Min.

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Thirty Years After the Echoes of Fate Changed the Course of History, an Ancient Evil Stirs Once More. 

Millennia in the dark has left these lost and forgotten monsters hungry for war. The people of Illian can do nothing but rely on their peacekeepers, the Dragorn. 

Are the dragon riders ready for what has been buried under their feet? 

Gideon Thorn, Master of the Dragorn, can feel the Third Age coming to an ominous end. With Inara Galfrey and her dragon by his side, they must investigate the return of this ancient evil.

Alijah Galfrey has only one talent - getting into trouble. When he isn't drinking, the half-elf is gambling his life away in the pursuit of relics no one cares about. Now, he finds himself at the sharp end of history. Can he take charge of his own future, or is he destined to be controlled by others?

Deep in the mines of Vengora, something ancient has been found, and the dwarves of Dhenaheim would go to war with the North over it. After 60 years in the world of men, Doran Heavybelly must finally return to his homeland if any peace is to be found....

The Fall of Neverdark Continues This Unmissable Epic Fantasy Series.

©2018 Philip C. Quaintrell (P)2019 Podium Publishing

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