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    She’s the woman of his dreams. If only she didn’t despise him...

    Everything has always come easily to Caleb James. Everything, that is, but Mary Walker. Her stunning beauty and independent nature enticed him from the start and yet, every romantic overture he made went so horribly awry that she can now barely tolerate him. But that’s all about to change. He has the perfect plan to redeem himself. When she arrives at his family estate, he’ll finally be able to win her heart. Too bad he’s not the only one there with the very same idea...

    The last thing Mary wants is time alone with the insufferable Caleb. But since he’s one of her twin’s best friends, declining his invitation is out of the question. She’ll just have to do her best to ignore the charismatic, overly confident rogue. Only, he’s not acting like a rogue this time. Surely the little glimpses she catches of his softer, kinder side are an act...right?

    Can Caleb and Mary overcome years’ worth of misunderstandings and missteps - not to mention a persistent rival for Mary’s affections - to find their very own happily ever after? Or, when all is said and done, will the charming rogue be left alone once again? 

    This regency era romance is a stand-alone novel and the third book in The Pathways to Romance series. It is rated "G" and features an enemies-to-lovers story line.

    ©2019 Genevieve Frederick (P)2019 Genevieve Frederick

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