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    If you are looking at this guide, know it can change your life and make you rich, if you are into that sort of thing. 

    Are you tired of your nine-to-five dead-end job? Would you like to do your hair and makeup all day and get paid to do it? Are you tired of only getting gift cards for tribute? Do you hate men? Have you ever considered becoming an online mistress for fun and profit? 

    This is the sequel to Techdomme! Mistress Harley continues with Techdomme #2 with more of a focus on becoming a financial domination mistress from the ground up. You don’t have to be hot, you don’t have to be sexy, you just have to get paid and be in control. 

    The Internet is lousy with paypigs waiting to be human ATMs to each and every one of your dominant female desires. What are you waiting for? Cam girls are so '90s; do what you want to do with the most expensive up-and-coming fetish. Turn your hobby to cash, all while remaining totally safe and never touching a disgusting, filthy male. 

    Dominatrix is within you, but can you take it? F--k theory, this is the real shit. 

    Techdomme #2: The Manual on High Tech Domination includes:

    • Introduction
    • Chapter one: "Taking Control of a Slave Computer"
    • Chapter two: "Parental Controls"
    • Chapter three: "You Have Control - What Now?"
    • Chapter four: "True Tales from the Top - Real Life Stories, Sessions with the Techdomme"
    • Chapter five: "A Tale of Chastity Torture, Cuckold & Financial Domination"
    • Chapter six: "Glossary of Terms"
    • Chapter eight: "Feminist Children’s Books"
    • Chapter nine: "A Small Snapshot of My Empire"
    • And so much more!
    ©2015 Mistress Harley (P)2018 Mistress Harley

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