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    This book is for you if you are worried about: - skyrocketing fuel and heating costs - rising food bills - expensive mortgage payments - the threat of losing some or all of your income - the nightmare scenario of losing your home.

    If you're facing the prospect of having to work extra hours, take a second job or cut back on spending to make ends meet, then don't panic. There's no need to give up family time or to work day and night. Earning more money doesn't necessarily mean working harder: with this book you can discover the smart way to boost your income even in a recession.

    This easy-to-follow guide shows you:

  • - 18 easy money making strategies
  • - 33 powerful money saving techniques
  • - How to save thousands on your mortgage payments
  • - How to knock hundreds off all your monthly bills and outgoings
  • - Simple steps towards taking control of your finances
  • - How to avoid being ripped off

    Finance and business expert David Ryder is a bestselling author who has appeared on BBC and independent radio helping people sort out their personal finance issues based on information from his website His friendly, straightforward explanations, tips and advice can benefit every reader, from beginner to expert.

  • ©2008 David Ryder (P)2008 Summersdale Publishers Ltd

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