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    In this gaming book, you face a terrible event and you must choose between three options, but only one is life saving! 

    This book will be your guide to your survival in lots of catastrophe situations! 

    Survive a natural catastrophe:

    • Earthquake when you are in a city/office/home
    • Volcano eruption
    • Land slide/avalanche when you are walking/skiing
    • After avalanche/land slide when you are stuck underground in the snow/ground
    • What to do if stuck in a quicksand
    • What to do if stuck on ice lake (after falling in a hole)
    • What to do if we live near the coast and there is a tsunami/flooding
    • What to do if there is a tornado/rushing wind
    • What to do in case of thunderstorm (and for example, we are cycling outside)
    • What to do if there is a meteorite falling to us
    • What to do when trapped in a wild fire outside

    Survive the beasts:  

    What to do when encountering (and what to do to avoid them attacking us):   

    • Wild bear attacking us
    • Snake attacking us
    • Hoard of rats attacking us
    • Beehive attacking us
    • Raging bull attacking us
    • Gorilla attacking us
    • Lion attacking us
    • Shark attacking us when diving/swimming/on boat
    • Wild elephant attacking us
    • Wild boar attacking us
    • Alligator when on boat or swimming
    • Rabid dog attacking us

    What to do in case we are bitten by:

    • Snake
    • Scorpion
    • Rat 
    • Jellyfish

    What to do if we are currently bitten and trying to escape/survive from:

    • Shark
    • Anaconda
    • Crocodile

    Survive men catastrophes: 

    • What to do if there is a panic crowd rushing at us
    • How to survive a biological attack
    • How to survive a serial killer attack in a confined area (for example an island)
    • How to survive a mass shooting and we are in the targeted crowd
    • What to do if a building is on fire and we are at the top
    • How to survive when on a boat sinking in the sea
    • How to survive a plane which is crashing and we are on board
    • How to survive an helicopter crashing and we are on board
    • What to do if you are in your car and speeding is out of control in a fast lane
    • What to do if trapped
    ©2020 Survivotop Editions (P)2020 Survivotop Editions

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