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    Sir Silly is very serious about being silly.

    Good-bye, hello, welcome, and good night. Introducing the wonderful world of Sir Silly. He was born before time, and so he has no time for such time that was before that time. He thinks in rhyme and always lets his imagination dance freely. Sir Silly is all he can be, to be as silly as he can.

    It seems to have never left him since he was a little boy. He plays with words and the pictures that they can create. Some play with paint, chalk, or pencils. Others are actors and play with characters and their voices. Then there are those who give us music, who play with tunes and words together. It's all about making fun out of having fun and maybe being funny while doing so.

    Please enjoy the silly side of a man soaked in silly. May all that you hear give you all that you see. And all you that see make you read with glee.

    Sir Silly is in all of us. I hope you find him in you. Welcome to the world where words play. These poems are for children who should never grow up and for those who never did. This book is dedicated to the child in all of us, to all the children I have known, and to all the children who get to know Sir Silly.

    ©2013 David Dayan Fisher (P)2013 David Dayan Fisher

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