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Silently Beats the Drum

The Drum Series, Book 1
Autor: W.R. Benton
Sprecher: Robert Thaler
Serie: The Drum Series, Titel 1
Spieldauer: 10 Std. und 29 Min.

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The Civil War has beaten down Jeb Patton beyond the point of mere exhaustion. Only the precious memories of the girl he left behind sustains him as he fights on. He should have died countless times as he fought for Southern Cause and Jeb knows his luck is running mighty low. Fate catches up to him one night near a no-name town somewhere in war-torn Arkansas. Instead of waking up in the arms of an angel, he wakes up in a medical tent - his right leg gone. With this blow Jeb loses the desire to live, until he meets a man even more severely injured than himself. Taking strength from this unfortunate fellow soldier's misery, the newly discharged Jeb makes plans to head home.

It's not an easy road, and Jeb is hampered by his injuries, the dangers of bushwackers and Union soldiers who are raiding the countryside. Ironically Jeb befriends an old slave - now a runaway heading north to freedom. Together they stand a better chance of surviving the chaos and they team up in their travels. Challenges and heartache await them on the dusty trail, but the pair set out for Montana with little more than their courage and dreams of a better tomorrow.

Another exciting historical adventure, and story of friendship and bravery from best-selling western author W.R. Benton.

©2005, 2016 W.R. Benton (P)2016 W.R. Benton

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