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    Shadows and Roses is an anthology of poems written during the first half of 2020 by Adam Prockstem Smith. These short poems reflect the soul and the moodiness of the author, but what is in it for you? You might ask. Well, the language and self-expression will allow you to relate and at times find answers and expression of your feelings.

    Each one of us tries his/her best to be understood, and Adam has well perfected the art of self-expression even in the most meticulous of topics.

    In this audiobook, you may find poems about love, hatred, self-search, and even the nature.

    Poems are a great way to escape the reality to the world of endless beauty.

    If you manage to connect then there is nothing that would stop you from drinking that creative juice.

    Take a minor part of your life and devote it to listening to audiobooks. If you do so and listen to poetry not just novels your soul will truly be grateful. After all it’s not only that mind that wants to speak soul wants to be heard as well, and there is no nobler way to meet that need than writing or reading poetry.

    Share it with your friends or write to the author directly. He is always happy to answer and discuss prose or poetry of your choice.

    Get the audiobook and enjoy rest and peace while delving into the world of fugitive author from Israel.

    About the author

    Adam Prockstem Smith is an entrepreneur, blogger, and an international author. At the age of 16, he started his first business building one-page Internet marketing websites. He speaks fluent Russian, Hebrew, and English.

    After finishing high school, he proceeded with self-education and exploration of the nature of the human mind. Through extensive research, and many trials and errors, Adam has become experienced with Zen. His particular style of choice is the Kwan Um School of Zen, of which he is a moderate practitioner. He is always ready to help others and learn new things.

    Adam is the founder of He is also running a Slack channel to discuss creative writing with like-minded people.

    ©2020 Adam Smith (P)2021 Adam Smith

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