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    The CO-D4 virus rages the globe, leaving weary survivors and infected who roam the streets. 

    In the aftermath of the pandemic, Doctor James Ung finds himself in a new type of world. A quiet one. Almost as if everything is put on pause. 

    The global distribution of the vaccine breeds a different outcome other than hope. Those who receive it fall into a deep coma. 

    Ung along with Major Tom find an ally in Ella Hoffman, a displaced survivor from another camp. Time is running out and they are clueless as to what will happen when the inoculated survivors wake. 

    Together with a few others, they make plans flee the city to find a safer place to live. That is if a safe place even exists.

    ©2019 Jacqueline M Druga (P)2020 Jacqueline M Druga

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