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Pray While You're Prey

How God Turned My Loneliness and Frustration into Contentment and Commitment
Sprecher: Toni Wortherly
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 59 Min.

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Being single is not a prison sentence. It is not a cage that holds you captive. In fact, it is the ultimate freedom. It is freedom to discover God’s will for your life, to live a fulfilling life. It is the ability to run free in this jungle of a world, knowing that when the time is right, a good hunter will snare you and hold you captive, while God reveals a new purpose for you.

If anyone had said these things to me, even while I was writing this book, I would not have believed it, but God led me on a journey. A journey from frustration to contentment. A journey from loneliness to commitment. Not the commitment with a man that I thought I longed for, but a commitment to Christ that my soul yearned for.

I stopped chasing a dating dream and started serving a risen reality. God revealed things that I needed to change about me, the types of hunters that exist, the ones that are best for me, how to escape a predator called loneliness, and have a Godly relationship once I’m captured. And I know that God didn’t just lead me on the journey for me; He intended for me to share my journey with others.

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