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    Everyday manager have to perform on a top level with high concentration. Many times thoughts and decisions have to be made on large dimensions. This can work better when body, mind and soul can handle stress, ergo you learn your own strategy of stress management.

    One method is to look for strengthening time-outs over and over again in your everyday work. Get new energy for your business life with the specially developed "power meditation for mananger" from SyncSouls. You'll find new power and yourself again with these short and effective relaxation and mindfulness exercises.

    Modules in this audiobook:
    • 1. 12 minutes Time-out: for deep and and comprehensive regeneration for male manager;
    • 2. 12 minutes time-out: for deep and and comprehensive regeneration for female manager;
    • 3. 12 minutes time-out: sound and music pure version for your own thoughts;
    • 4. 5 minuten time-out: for fast refueling in between;
    • 5. 5 minutes time-out: sound and music pure version for your own thoughts.

    The SyncSouls Power Meditations are relaxation modules which are composed of various established relaxation techniques such as meditation, autosuggestion, the progressive muscle relaxation or the ZEN and respectively especially composed music with regenerating sounds. They give you "power", energie and a positive attitude to cope with stress in your daily and business life in a better way. These power meditations for manager are accompanged by stimulating (neo-)classical music which in particular induces brain activity such as joined-up thinking, intuition and animates the mental vigour in general.
    Please note: This audiobook is in English.
    ©2014 Syncsouls (P)2014 Syncsouls

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