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    With this unique combination of two appreciative relaxation techniques you can come to peace and balance effectively in a wide variety of life situations. The areas of application of the progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) and the autogenic training cover stress-conditioned and complaints accompanying with emotional stresses, e.g. like depressions, chronic pain, sleep disturbances, unrest, burnout, hypertension, phobias, migraine and headache. For decades both practices are very successful deep relaxation techniques.

    Syncsouls has combined in "the P&A method" - the progressive muscle relaxation and autogenous training for depth relaxation with one another and developed an effective method for using these two relaxation techniques in a unit. In this method both techniques complement each other perfectly.

    One can use it for stress reduction in the everyday life or use it as an additional modul for recovery having loads mentioned at the beginning. You can use the P&R method of SynSouls in three different versions:
    • P&A Method whole body: comprehensive holistic deep relaxation;
    • P&A Method upper half of the body, e.g. well applicably in case of increased write activity, headache, muscle-hardstretch in shoulder and neck;
    • P&A Method lower half of the body - e.g. well applicable in case of long sitting or complaints in the lower back and abdominal cavity.

    We wish you a great pleasure and real success with the new highly effective deep relaxation method P&A from SyncSouls.
    ©2014 Syncsouls (P)2014 Syncsouls

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