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Positive Psychology: How to Sustain Happiness in Your Life

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Groundbreaking new scientific research illuminates surprising ways in which you can live a more healthy, happy, and flourishing life. 

Until now, psychology has focused on resolving people’s problems. But the relatively new field of positive psychology instead examines the things that make your life worth living. 

Positive Psychology: How to Sustain Happiness in Your Life gives you practical steps for leading a flourishing life. Your guide is Professor Catherine A. Sanderson of Amherst College, named one of America’s Best 300 Professors by the Princeton Review. The author of The Positive Shift, she introduces you to cutting-edge scientific research on happiness from a range of disciplines. You’ll cover psychology, economics, biology, neuroscience, and more. 

In 15 lectures filled with practical examples, you’ll explore fascinating questions about how various aspects of your life influence happiness: 

  • How are gender, age, culture, and even political orientation linked with happiness?
  • Is happiness rooted in our genes, wealth, or relationships?
  • How can we find happiness while struggling with daily stressors or major life crises?

You will understand how various factors in your day-to-day routine - like nature, technology, and religion - influence your state of mind. Armed with this new knowledge, you can immediately start reaping the benefits of happiness every day.

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