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    They say that sometimes dreams really do come true, but Gail Filipovic was never a big dreamer. A quiet life in Texas, finally working for a legitimate company with a real job - instead of moonlighting for the mob - is all she really needed. Okay, this particular slice of American Pie came with a side order of witness protection program and some unexplained scars, but for once, Gail is in control. Until a handsome stranger rolls into town, that is. 

    Jonathan Dean has a past shrouded in mystery, and a mission to protect the very same company that now employs Gail. He seems like a character straight out of those vampire romances she loves to read, but Gail knows those stories aren’t real. Vampires are not real.... So why does she have to repeat this mantra every night, and why didn’t she notice that quirky janitor before?

    ©2017 Rachel E. Carr (P)2021 Rachel E. Carr

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