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    We are currently living in a world where spiritual darkness seems to be making a greater appearance. Many Bible commenters tell us that we are living in the final generation before Christ returns to collect his church. Hear what Matthew Robert Payne believes he has seen for the future of our world. Take a look at some of the events that he thinks will play out before Jesus Christ returns. In this book, you will find:

    • Matthew's personal reasons why he believes that the rapture is not any time soon.
    • The Bible verses that need to be fulfilled before the end can come
    • The most likely identity of the two witnesses and a detailed description of what they will do during their 1,260-day ministry
    • What the end time church might look like and how she will differ from what we know and experience currently
    • Who the 144,000 servants are and a little of what they will do

    Hidden in the manuscript is one line of when the rapture will occur. I must warn you that this book is not a theological masterpiece; it is not full of scripture quotes and clever arguments from a scholar nor is it one man's attempt to lead you into his way of thinking. However, it is simply an optimistic view of the future for Christians. So come, listen, relax and speculate with Matthew and consider some parts of Revelation as you might never have done before!

    ©2017 Matthew Robert Payne (P)2017 Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing

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