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New York: The Complete Insider's Guide for Women Traveling to New York

Autor: Erica Stewart
Sprecher: Donna Lorenz Motta
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 19 Min.

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Learn the ins and outs of traveling to New York from an expert - Erica Stewart.

The insiders guide for women traveling to this amazing city!

Brimming with insider knowledge, helpful tips, and recommendations to off-the-beaten path attractions, this travel guide helps you discern the good from the bad and the worthy from the overrated. From sightseeing to shopping, clubbing and, of course, feasting like a true New Yorker, let the author guide you through the overwhelming maze of options this magical city has to offer. Are you a female adventurer? Then hop on board and travel with us as we focus on answering your most ardent questions; we’ll calm your fears and highlight all you must know before you go, as well as provide you with all the sources you’ll need before and during your unforgettable vacation.

New York is one of those amazing cities one can visit on a last-minute whim. With a near endless array of fantastic attractions and experiences at every turn, and an enormous amount of shareable info, the Big Apple delivers a mammoth sensory overload no matter when, what, how, or why one visits. For solo female travelers, New York can be exciting, soul-reviving, incredibly inspiring, and even a little overwhelming. Yet this safe, eclectic, and insanely vibrant city is one of the world’s most ideal destinations for anyone traveling alone.

Over the last two decades, New York has literally transformed itself from one of the US' most crime-ridden cities to one of its safest. Boroughs which were once strife with petty and even violent crime have been restored and gentrified, and are now among the most expensive and sough-after in the country. It’s really quite amazing how this city, which has suffered immense trials in its tumultuous history, has risen from the ranks to stand as one of the most enticing holiday destinations in the world.

The abundance of unforgettable sights, amazing shopping, delectable food, art, culture, and an infinitely enticing social calendar, the Big Apple will captivate you like nowhere else you’ve ever been. If you’re an adventurous gal looking for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, then you couldn’t possibly pick a better place. Or a better travel guide!

Want to discern the great from the mediocre and even the immensely atrocious? Then head to New York with our insider’s guide! We’ll help you navigate your way through the cacophony of sights, crowds, and experiences. Know where to go, where to stay, what to do, what to steer clear of, and how to get the most of your time here, and your New York holiday will be an unforgettable adventure...for all the right reasons.

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