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    Does your child know what to do if they are lost? Do you know what to do if they are missing?

    My Puppy Can Find Me is your child's first step on an exciting learning experience that will teach them what to do if they are lost or find themselves alone. By listening to this book with your children, the whole family will learn what to do if they are ever separated or missing. You'll also learn how the family dog can be of assistance during emergencies. 

    This new concept of dog training teaches search dog skills to family dogs for in-home family rescue and missing person emergencies. Your children will learn valuable lessons by doing these fun exercises that reinforce and teach the pet dog and family to work together during crisis situations to overcome fear and survive. The whole family learns how to use the family dog to the full advantage regardless of the age, size, or breed of the dog. 

    As a family member and part of the pack, your dog always knows where each member of the pack is - this is natural for the dog to know, and we, as dog owners, only need to learn how to take advantage of this natural instinct our dogs possess.

    ©2019 Waldorf Publishing (P)2019 Waldorf Publishing

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