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    Best-selling erotica author Marilyn More presents five steamy tales of sex and passion. In this collection, there's something for everyone. So, whether you're in the mood for some hot blackmail sex, student teacher sex, or even barely legal gangbang sex; Marilyn's got you covered! You've even got call girl sex and a scorching first lesbian orgy!

    1. Two Against Three: A Barely Legal Two Girl Gangbang Short

    Hillary's eighteenth birthday is turning out to be special. Not only does her dorm mate decide to buy her a nice sexy outfit, but she'd determined to get this beautiful barely legal girl fucked! Before the night is out, Hillary gets birthday present after birthday present-three cocks, her first anal sex, and a scorching double penetration!

    2. The Extortion of Amy: A Blackmail Tale of Reluctant Sex

    Amy has cleaned up her life and is about to marry a conservative, religious lawyer. When a man from her past demands sexual favors to keep quiet, she puts her new convictions aside and reluctantly agrees. Will the blackmail ever end? Does Amy really want it to end?

    3. Oral Exam: A Reluctant Tale of Blackmail Teacher Student Sex

    Kristin needs to maintain her perfect GPA for Daddy to keep paying her bills. When a teacher's aide with an agenda threatens that goal, she has no choice but to give in to his desires. That means she's on her knees experiencing rough deep throat and has no choice but to swallow everything he has to give!

    4. Mackenzie's Madhouse: A Gangbang Orgy Short

    Kenzie finally has enough with her boyfriend's sloppy habits and the way he and his friends trash their house! She plots revenge with her girlfriends, but when you plan for something crazy, anything can happen! When her friend shows up with all of his buddies instead of alone, she and her friends are certain to experience a whole lot more than an attitude adjustment! That means their fun lesbian gang bang turns right into and orgy with plenty of men involved! In here you'll find oral sex, anal sex, deep throat, lesbian sex, and even sex toys! This short has it all!

    5. Doing Dana: An MFF Threesome Erotic Call Girl Sex Short

    Dana is the best call girl she knows. She's plainer than the competition, and she has curves instead of the anorexic skinny look that so many men want. She doesn't mind the surprised looks when she shows up at the door, though, because she knows that the moment she gets her mouth on a man, he's hooked. When her favorite client asks for a menage a trois, she obliges, and the results are Hot!

    Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of various sexual encounters. It includes oral sex, deepthroat, student/teacher sex, barely legal gangbang, lesbian sex, first anal sex, forced semen swallowing, group sex, rough sex, sex toys, blackmail sex, public sex, reluctant sex, and double penetration. It is intended for mature listeners who will not be offended by explicit descriptions of sex acts between consenting adults.

    ©2012 Mmmmore Productions (P)2013 Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.

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