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Mist Falcon

The Warrior Poet Archives, Book 1
Autor: Ryan Doughan
Sprecher: Daniel Storm
Spieldauer: 14 Std.

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"I write this now, chiseled in stone and wrapped in wind, with the hope that you may yet be saved from my folly. Avoid my errors and do not follow in my footsteps, save in greater preparation and wisdom than I have shown. Do not be fooled by the appearance of things. They are so rarely as they seem in this."

In a kingdom shattered by war and never properly healed, Aiden is whirled out of his ordinary life of scraping by, scavenging the outskirts of Oustenbasch, one of the Nine Cities. Through total loss and driven by revenge, Aiden finds himself fretfully navigating a world of political mayhem while floundering through power in a magic he never dreamed to control.

Willem is a traveling musical prodigy, his voice and talent drawing crowds and filling taverns along with his troupe's coffers. All the golden eagles in the realm can't protect him, though, when the Swaar raiders attack the town of Bellcross, sending him scurrying into a life he would never have chosen, questioning the meaning of his existence while wrestling with a music that may be more powerful than he had ever imagined.

Known amongst all the Swaar as "Wolf Rider," Ren Tako lives and dies by his axe and the strength of his arm. Tako finds himself blown into a situation where he must choose between loyalty to his Dal, the famed Rock Giant, and following a new destiny that could cost him everything he has ever believed or gain him everything he has ever dreamed.

Welcome to the Nine Cities and the Waste beyond to the East. Come ride with me. Soar above a broken land in search of a glimmer of hope, an uncut gem hidden to all but the most perceiving eyes. Come fly with me to the towers of Holmsguard and beyond, and see what it is to be Mist Falcon.

©2015 Ryan J Doughan (P)2016 Ryan J Doughan

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