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    Acclaimed as comedy's hottest new talent and known to millions for his role as obnoxious chat show host Alan Partridge, this download presents the brilliance of Steve Coogan's characters as TV would never allow.

    Meet Paul Calf, the notorious student basher and lager lout; meet Pauline Calf, Manchester's very own size ten maneater; plus meet the worst comedian in the world, Duncan Thickett; and legendary Chief Assistant to the Fire, Health and Safety Executive for the North region, Ernest Moss; and don't forget your show's host for the evening, John Thompson, as politically correct Bernard Righton. A cavalcade of comedy charactets

    This download also takes you backstage to sample the sleazy side of Steve Coogan, and includes previously unheard and x-rated material of one man and his enormous ego.

    ©1994 Steve Coogan (P)1994 Steve Coogan


    'Comedy is like gonorrhoea - you've either got it or you haven't. And Steve Coogan has got it.' Paul Calf

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