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    Young, awkward, messy Lila the koala wants to help her family get ready for Shabbat dinner. Her plan is to bake her own loaf of challah - but each time she tries, the challah comes out wrong. What's the secret to making the best koala challah ever?

    Please note: The original source audio for this production includes noise/volume issues. This is the best available audio from the publisher.

    ©2017 Laura Gehl (P)2018 Lerner Digital ™


    “Cuddly animals, here koala bears, will remind you that challah is part of the Shabbat service as they deliver a story imbued with determination and perseverance that proves the positive results of these two fine character traits." (Jewish Book Council)

    "Set in Australia, this take on baking a traditional Jewish food focuses on a family of koalas.... Placing the story in an unusual setting should lead to discussions about variations in food preparation and long-cherished customs.... Warm-spirited family holiday togetherness." (Kirkus Reviews)

    "Lila the koala attempts to assist her family in preparation of Shabbat. However, no matter what she does, the challah doesn’t look right. Find out the secret to making a great challah." (Cleveland Jewish News)

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