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A second wonderful collection of Just William stories, selected and read by Martin Jarvis.

Richmal Crompton’s stories featuring irrepressible schoolboy William Brown have been firm favourites with both young and old for decades. Perpetually scruffy, mud-stained and mischievous, he is a lovable scamp whose pranks usually end in disaster - for his harassed elders at least.

With friends Ginger, Douglas and Henry (the Outlaws) and the angelic thorn in his side, the lisping Violet Elizabeth Bott, William has rightly joined the literary and radio immortals.

The stories in this collection include: 

  • That Boy
  • The Bishop’s Handkerchief
  • William and Uncle George
  • The Haunted House
  • William and St Valentine
  • April Fool’s Day
  • Not Much
  • The Cure
  • William’s Wonderful Plan
  • The Outlaws and the Penknife
  • William the Reformer
  • William’s New Year’s Day
  • Aunt Florence and the Green Woodpecker
  • The Plan That Failed
  • William and the Begging Letter
  • A Question of Exchange
  • William and the Temporary History Teacher
  • The Outlaws and the Tramp
  • A Few Dogs and William
  • The Outlaws and the Missionary
  • William the Good
  • William and the Young Man
  • William and the Spy
  • William and the Badminton Racket
  • William Turns Over a New Leaf
  • William and Dear Little Peter
  • William and the Waxwork Prince
  • William and the White Cat
  • William and Photography
  • The Great Detective
  • The Fete - and Fortune
  • The Weak Spot
  • The Outlaws Go a-Mumming
  • William's Double Life
  • William to the Rescue
  • William the Film Star
  • William the Rat Lover
  • William the Showman
  • William and the Monster
  • William the Persian
  • The New Game
  • William and the Love Nest
  • The Cat and the Mouse
  • Waste Paper Wanted
  • William the Globe Trotter
  • William and the Prize Pig
  • A Present from William
  • A Night of Mysteries
  • William and the Chinese God
  • William and the League of Perfect Love
  • Fireworks Strictly Prohibited
  • William the Psychiatrist
  • William Joins the Waits
  • Violet Elizabeth Takes Control
  • William - the Dear Little Boysie
  • William’s Brilliant Plan
  • The Outlaws and Aunt Jo
  • Violet Elizabeth’s Special Party
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