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    Do you wish you had the right questions to turn a prospect into a client? Or a one-time client into a long-term one? How do you ask questions that dig into the real issues, with prospects, clients, audiences, so you know exactly how to help them, and they see that you offer exceptional value? Wise people are often noted for the insight-generating questions they ask, rather than the answers they provide. Join Chris for a session of questions that will pay off big time; if you're willing to ask them with consistency and confidence.

    You will learn to:

  • Ask questions that turn prospects into clients
  • Ask questions that make customization fun
  • Ask questions that invite people into your message
  • Ask questions that make you a better speaker and expert
  • Ask questions that build relationships
  • Create your own Top 25 Questions list
  • This is a live recording of an interview-format teleseminar focused on information that would be valuable for speakers, trainers, consultants, coaches, and other information entrepreneurs. It was recorded via telephone.
    (P)2005 SpeakerNet News

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