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How to Talk Dirty

Enhancing Communication and Eroticism with Passionate Pillow Talk
Autor: Mistress Dede
Sprecher: Audrey Lusk
Spieldauer: 30 Min.
Kategorien: Erotik, Sexpraktiken

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Initiating dirty talk can be somewhat startling for some people, even if they are very interested. Chances are, if this has caught your interest, it probably seems like something both you and your partner would really like. Many people let a few words slip here and there when things really heat up, but if dirty talk gets you going, you can encourage its presence more. There's no magical formula for inserting the right words, but you can usually tell when a scenario is starting to move towards sex. When your partner starts giving you the "look", you can bring up erotic conversation with a few leads. Mentioning to your partner that you like when they talk to you is a good start, especially right after they've said something you find particularly hot. If you prefer to take the lead, but don't know where to begin, start slow and read your partner's reactions. If you tend to be the more direct or dominant partner, the passive is partner is likely to be very responsive to your confidence and initiative.

People enjoy talking to each other during sex because, for the most basic reason, it's fun! It's actually a great way to communicate, and often leaves both partners feeling less inhibited in the bedroom. Quiet or even silent sex has its time and place of course, but being able to vocalize your feelings during the moment can open up many doors for you and your partner. The real key to any good relationship is communication, and this extends into your sexual life as well.

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